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We offer a number of distinct ranges. Here we try and explain some of the differences:
(If you have landed here unintentionally, this link will take you to the full list of our Engineered Floors.)

The Loch Collection: This is a range of rustic Floors that have sunken filler to give an authentic and natural Rustic look. All the boards are 180mm wide and 14mm thick (c/w a 3mm Oak wear layer) and 1.8m long and the collection consists of 6 colours.

The Meister Collection: These are German, precision manufactured floors and are very quick to fit, so saving fitting costs.
There are two distinct lines with a wide range of colours available in both..

The “Longlife” Collection consists of 180mm wide boards that have a 2.5mm wear layer, bonded to an HDF (High Density Fibreboard) core. By combining the Oak layer with an HDF core, these floors are made extra resilient.

The Lindura Collection consists of extra wide floors that use the latest Laminating technology to place an Oak veneer onto a HDF substrate. The robustness and stability of these floors comes from the HDF core, which makes the floors perfectly suited to Under Floor Heating (UFH). .

All the Meister Collection take advantage of a precision machined “Clic” system making the fitting both simple and quick.

The Stratum Collection is a Collection of engineered wood flooring that is constructed using a plywood core and typically have a 6mm Oak wear layer.. These boards are designed to have structural integrity, meaning that they are strong and robust enough to span joists or irregularities in the substrate, yet benefit from the dimensional stability afforded by an Engineered Wooden Floor.

The Lalegno Collection has a huge range of colours. Most of these are based on 190mm wide Oak floorboards and are either 14 or 15mm thick. There are exceptions to this and a few are 20mm thick, and so are structural boards.

The Ekowood Collection offers a range of “5G Clic System” floors that are either 1.82m or 2.13m long. This innovative Click system makes for a very easy installation.
While most engineered flooring have a microbevel on the edges, leading to a small “V” groove between boards, the Ekowood Collection does not so giving a smooth harmonious look that is uninterrupted visually.

The Classic Collection is a collection that is made of a wide range of boards that vary in both Width, Colour and Thickness. Predominantly the collection is based on 14mm or 15mm thick boards that require a smooth substrate.
The collection starts with light coloured “White Oiled” Floors, go through the classic, golden/honey coloured “Oiled” range through to dark and rich colours, such as Deep Smoked and Oiled. Within the collection are also a range of textured finishes including Sanded Smooth, Brushed and even Sandblasted.