How to choose between Solid and Engineered Wood Floors

Wood flooring comes in different shapes and sizes and some formats are better suited to certain situations than others. Solid Oak Flooring A solid wood floor is essentially a piece of a tree that has been sliced, dried in a kiln (to moisture levels that are “about right” for the “average house”), machined and lastly […]

What is an Engineered Wood Floor?

Engineered Flooring is a relatively stable form of wood flooring made from a thin, real wood floorboard that is bonded to a stable base (or substrate). The wooden layer – also known as the “wear layer” – can vary from 2.5mm to 6mm in thickness. The idea behind Engineered flooring is that the wear layer […]

How to choose the thickness of the wear layer?

  This depends on a number of factors: 1.The amount of traffic that the floor will have to cope with: Clearly if a floor is going to be in a very high traffic area, the likelihood that it will need a light sand and refinish to keep it looking perfect is greater than a floor […]