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Solid English Oak Flooring with Square Edges

Traditional Solid Oak Flooring
Tower Bridge 3
Tower Bridge 4
Tower Bridge 11
Tower Bridge 7
Tower Bridge 6
Tower Bridge

Solid English Oak Flooring with Square Edges

Our Solid English Oak Flooring is precision machined in the UK to order. It is supplied Tongue and Grooved on all four sides, with square edges and with unfilled knots. It is supplied unfinished so it can be finished on site in the colour and finish of your choice.

The Square Edges and the unfilled knots give it the feel and look of a Traditional Oak Floor.

This installation shown was for both walkways in Tower bridge in London. The floor was fitted in its Unfinished form and then finished with Bona Traffic Lacquer.

It shows the Traditional square edged boards at their best.

Finish: Unfinished
Microbevel: No
Length: Varied
Width: From 70 to 190 mm
Thickness: 20 mm
Grade: Mixed
Please Call for Price